Open Call

Gravy Zine is  opening the floor to:



1.              the process or fact of isolating or being isolated.

Synonyms -

Loneliness, quarantine, separation, out of reach, withdrawal


Community, togetherness, accessible, contact, society

For our second issue of GRAVY we would like submissions based on the theme ISOLATION. This could be work that has been or is in the process of being made during this lockdown or any work made previously that you feel related to current events. This work, as always, can take any format and currently the zine will only take an online format until we are able to print.

We also offer an instagram takeover for the participants that are part of the zine.

Deadline for entry:  21st May 2020

As  always, submissions to  our Open Calls are free.

Get in  contact with us through the 
Instagram: @gravyzine